It Okay to Date During Divorce?

There is no doubt that a divorce is stressful and you want to seek comfort in any way you can. You may even be considering getting back into the dating scene. After all, what could be wrong with meeting someone you like and feeling appreciated? Unfortunately, however, dating during a divorce can have a negative impact on your case. Here are several reasons why dating during divorce is not a good idea.

It Can Affect How Much Spousal Support Your Receive

If you are in a romantic relationship with another person while you are still going through divorce, it is still considered adultery. If your state recognizes fault in divorce, you may have difficulty receiving spousal support once everything is finalized.

It Will Be More Difficult to Make a Parenting Arrangement

If you have kids, dating during your divorce can complicate your parenting arrangement. The other parent may assume that your children will also be spending a good amount of time with the person you are dating. He or she may wonder if this person is a good influence or not and worry about how the kids will be treated. This can cause the other parent to be more difficult when setting up a child custody arrangement.

It Can Make Your Kids Feel Neglected

Dating a new person can take up a lot of your time. When you are going out to dinner or weekend getaways with your new beau, you will spend more time away from your children. This is the time when your kids will actually need you the most. Divorce is difficult on most children and yours will need you to be there for them. If you’re busy dating someone, your children might feel that you do not care about them.

It Will Be More Difficult to Settle Your Case

Even though the marriage is over, your spouse may still become upset if you are dating someone else. He or she might feel jealous and try to make the divorce more difficult on you. For example, he or she may not agree with you on anything and drag out the divorce as long as possible.

It Can Distract You from Your Emotions

When you enter into a new relationship, it can distract you from the sadness and anger you feel from your divorce. While this might sound like a good thing, it can actually be quite damaging. If you want to move on from your marriage and become a happier person, you have to let yourself deal with all of these emotions. Give yourself time to fully heal before you start new relationships.

As you can see, dating during divorce can do more harm than good. Resist the urge to enter into a new relationship until your divorce is finalized. If you have any other questions about what you should or shouldn’t do during a divorce, you should consult with a family lawyer soon. Contact divorce lawyers Phoenix AZ for answers to any personal questions.

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