Legal Rights for Wrongful Termination for Reporting Sexual Harassment

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It is not uncommon to be terminated for reporting harassment in the workplace, even today. Although we have made progress in the legal world to help prevent such situations, there are times when employers will implement methods like this to weed out people they see as problematic. 

If you recently reported harassment or misconduct, then you should consider discussing the issue with a worker’s compensation lawyer in order to examine your legal options. You may be facing financial hardship due to this issue and you should be compensated for your ordeal. Read the following to gain an idea of the basics of wrongful termination. 

Protected Action and Protected Class

If you report improper or illegal conduct in your workplace, you should be protected from being fired. This policy is called protected action and it is meant to provide security for whistleblowers. A designation called protected class is also meant to protect people from being harassed or discriminated against based on: 

  • Gender Identity
  • Race/ Ethnicity
  • Religious Affiliation 
  • Physical Condition/ Disability 

Any of these categories are protected from being cause of termination. 

How do you prove wrongful termination? 

It can be difficult to prove wrongful termination for the above reasons and you must prove it with enough evidence. Witnesses can be extremely useful in establishing a pattern of harassment or discrimination and can testify on your behalf. Rarely will management confirm that you were treated unfairly, but it can happen. You must document anything and everything that pertains to your case because it will be necessary proof. 

Should you pursue a case of wrongful termination? 

A wrongful termination case is a harrowing process, especially for someone who has experienced something as serious as sexual harassment or assault. Sexual assault is never your fault, nor acceptable. The workplace should be a place that is safe from such conduct and somewhere that the sole concern is doing good work for your employer. Many people experience such conduct of all races and genders.  

The benefit of pursuing a case is that, win or lose, you may inspire other victims to come forward and report similar incidents. You can directly or indirectly provide support for other victims. If you feel comfortable enough and see the benefit to pursuing a case, you should contact a worker’s compensation attorney as well as a sex crime lawyer in Redwood City, CA to discuss your options. Consultations are typically free and can provide you with a safe and judgment-free place to express your concerns.

Thanks to The Morales Law Firm for their insight into criminal defense and sexual assault involving wrongful termination.