Misdemeanor Crimes and Punishments the Accused May Face

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When a person needs help defending their side of the story after being accused of a crime, they often turn to a lawyer for assistance. Depending on how serious the crime, a person may face either a felony or misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a lesser offense that is typically punishable by jail time and/or a fine.

Those who have been accused of a misdemeanor may not be sure who to turn to for guidance. The person facing consequences for such a crime may wonder what their chances are of a dropped charge or decreased punishment. At our law firm, we are here to help defend you even when you feel as though nobody else is on your side.

The Seriousness of Misdemeanor Crimes

When a person is charged with a crime, it should always be handled seriously and urgently. In the majority of jurisdictions, crimes are categorized as felonies, misdemeanors, or summary offenses. Each classification comes with a general guide for what punishments and duration of incarceration the accused may endure.

While you may be able to represent yourself in court, a lawyer is likely to highly suggest against doing so. The average person just does not have the legal insight like a lawyer does. By hiring a lawyer for representation, it can have a hugely positive impact on the verdict of your case. Having a legal professional advocate for your behalf can weigh much stronger than you only defending yourself.

Potential Consequences for a Misdemeanor

There are several punishments that a person convicted of a misdemeanor may sustain. These consequences can include probation, hefty fines, mandatory classes, right to possess weapons revoked, time in county jail, and a mark on your record for life. How likely a person is to face these punishments are based on how serious the crime, extent of how much damage was caused, prior convictions, if a weapon was used, whether the accused was on probation/parole at the time, and mitigating/aggravating circumstances.

A lawyer can talk with you further about what happened, and the various strategies for building a defense case.

How a Misdemeanor Can Impact Your Life

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, this can have a long-lasting negative impact on your personal record. You may have trouble obtaining employment, being accepted to colleges, damage to community reputation, and hinder your earnings ability. It can cause you embarrassment for years to come when you have to explain the misdemeanor whenever you are applying for something that requires a background check before approval.

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge for a crime, consider calling a Bloomington, IL criminal lawyer who can talk with you about your charge in person and help you decide whether you want to hire a lawyer.



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