Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

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Driving a motor vehicle is one of the most common ways of travel to date. For this reason, many people are often traveling on the roadways at the same time. This creates a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents occurring as well. Motor vehicle accidents occur for many reasons — there may be a vehicle issue or malfunction, something on the roadway that a driver cannot avoid, or even another distracted driver on the road. The same way there is a wide range of things that can lead to a motor vehicle accident, there is also a wide range of injuries that can stem from these accidents. You should be informed of any risks you may face when being involved in a motor vehicle accident. This may encourage safer driver and passenger practices for everyone. Here are some of the most common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents, and how to prevent them: 

Brain Injuries 

Brain injuries are rare, but depending on the impact of the vehicle, an individual may hit their head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the seat if they are in the back of the vehicle. The impact of the vehicle on your head can lead to serious brain injury. Therefore, it is important to wear your seatbelt when riding in a car. 


Whiplash is quite common. It happens when your head is jolted at a forceful rate in a way that you cannot control it, and can even happen when a passenger is wearing a seatbelt. Injuries from this can vary from minor to extremely life changing.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are almost always suffered in automobile accidents. This is due to the sheer impact of a car running into another. Back injuries can vary from a simple muscle strain to broken bones depending on the impact. These injuries are sometimes unavoidable, as most accidents are.

Cuts and Traumatic Injuries

Glass may shatter and cause lacerations to your face or other areas of your body depending on where the impact occurred. This can cause traumatic injuries as internal bleeding is impossible to see. Mental injuries are also very common and are not to be taken lightly following an accident.

Contact an Attorney

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can change your life forever. The traumatic injuries and physical recovery can take a long toll on your or your loved one. Should you or someone you love be involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA from the law office of Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., as soon as possible.