Non-Legal Help for Families and Victims of TBI

Personal Injury Lawyer

Having a good lawyer by your side during a brain injury case is essential to seeing the most favorable outcome. Your lawyer is your advocate and will do everything in his or her power to ensure you are compensated for your horrific experience. While this doesn’t take away the injury, it can lessen the financial obligations you have because of it. When all things legal are said and done, where can you turn next? The following are some additional resources for families and victims of TBI.

Local Therapy

There are different types of therapy a TBI victim might consider. For example, he or she might need to work with a physical therapist to gain control of his or her body once again. This might include sessions where standing, writing, walking and other every day movements are worked on.

Another type of therapy is psychotherapy. The injured individual may need to work on mental skills. This could include memory, computing and other similar skills. The individual might take this time to go over the injury and how it impacted him or her, working through some strong emotions that may have resulted.

Any of these types of therapy can be done locally. Whether you have resources at your local hospital or privately-owned practices in town, it could be nice for the victim of TBI to get out once or twice a week for these sessions.

Online Support Groups

Depending on the ability of the victim, he or she may be able to get online and join a support group. This is especially helpful for family members of TBI victims, as they often have to figure out how to live with someone they don’t know anymore. They may be required to perform daily tasks for the injured individual, even tasks that the individual used to be able to do on his or her own. This can take an emotional and physical toll on family members, and having somewhere to turn for support is always nice.

Group Homes

If your loved one has too many issues as the result of TBI, he or she may need to move into a group home where there are trained, experienced medical professionals helping around the clock. Those medical professionals will ensure your loved one gets to therapy, doctor appointments and other appointments on time. They will also help your loved one take the right medication at the right time and perform daily tasks needed to maintain as high a quality of life as possible.

Getting Started Right

The first thing you may want to do after TBI diagnosis is contact a brain injury attorney. You might be entitled to compensation, and your attorney can help you fight for what you deserve, as well as point you toward other non-legal resources that could help. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Trenton, NJ today to get started right.



Thanks to Davis & Brusca for their insight into personal injury claims and help for families of TBI victims.