Paying Medical Bills While Your Injury Claim Is Still Unresolved

If you or someone you love are ever hurt in an accident, the medical bills can accumulate quickly as time passes and your body heals. Worrying about those costs and any future medical bills that may be coming can exacerbate your recovery as the stress takes its toll on your mental and physical state. To help you ease the stress, here are four ways you can work through the settlement process of your injury claim while your case is still unresolved.

Letter of Promise

Some medical service providers will defer your payments if you sign a formal agreement called a “letter of promise.” In the agreement, you state that any care you receive by the clinic, any hospital, or other care providers that is offered as a result of your injury will be paid in full as soon as your medical claim is settled. Before you sign any letters of promise, check with your attorney to be sure that is the right move to make. 

Contact a Lawyer

Contact an attorney, like a personal injury attorney from Yearin Law Office, to help you file your personal injury claim. Once you have put him or her in charge of your case, you can stop worrying about paying your medical bills before your case is resolved. Your attorney can speak with the care providers on your behalf and make arrangements for the bills to be deferred.

MedPay Insurance

Although the MedPay insurance under your auto insurance policy may not cover all your medical expenses, it can often help pay some of the growing debt. However, be aware that the MedPay insurance program will demand repayment of all money they provide for your medical care, but only after your case is settled.


If your state has Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage, the $10,000 could offer some relief toward your medical care. The PIP is often the first line of protection your attorney will seek for medical reimbursement. You can also use your health insurance to help pay for your medical care, although you will need to pay all copays and deductibles required under your plan. Your health insurance may ask for reimbursement of all injury associated costs, and your agent may place a lien against your final settlement.


Your lawyer has the answers you need. You can discuss the settlement and medical costs of your care providers with your attorney anytime you have a question or are concerned. Once the lawsuit is filed, your legal representative can help you understand how the system works, and that can alleviate your stress and worry over medical expenses. Instead, you can focus on healing.