Paying Your Medical Bills After a Car Accident

Car accidents often lead to not only property damage and physical injury, but also financial hardship. When injuries require significant medical attention and rehabilitation, the expenses are often too high for those with inadequate health coverage. Unfortunately, for many people, waiting for claim settlements or judgments is not possible. There are at least six options for paying medical expenses while waiting on a claim to come through.

  1. Private Health Insurance

The first resource you can turn to after an accident is private medical insurance. Some insurers may be reluctant to pay for car accident injuries without first earmarking them for repayment from settlement funds, though. Talk to your insurer about your claim to find out if coverage is possible.

  1. Auto Insurance

If you do not have adequate private insurance, look into your auto insurance policy. Some policies have coverage for personal injury protection. If you have a PIP provision, you can use this to cover some medical expenses until you receive a settlement or judgment. However, all PIP policies are different and may not cover all medical costs.

  1. Medicare or Medicaid

If you have Medicare or Medicaid, coverage for accident injuries is likely. However, the terms of these governmental aid policies require you to use your PIP coverage first if you have it. Once you have exhausted your PIP funds, the Medicare or Medicaid policy will kick in.

  1. Friends or Family

If you have no insurance or have exhausted the limits of those policies, you can seek help from friends or family. Many people have loved ones who can make small loans to cover some medical expenses.

  1. Savings

If you do not have friends or family capable of lending money, you can turn to your savings. If you have significant savings, it is often wise to use that first before other insurance policies or seeking loans because then you are the only one being compensated from a settlement.

  1. Attorney Liens

You can also seek attorney liens for medical expenses. If you have a case sure to end with a significant settlement, your attorney can contact hospitals on your behalf and enter a payment agreement. With this arrangement, the hospitals and rehabilitation centers receive payment out of your settlement before you receive the funds.

While car accidents often end with property damage and physical injuries, you can still pay your medical bills without going into significant debt. Contact a car accident lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA, to discuss your options.



Thanks to the law offices of Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into paying your medical bills after a car accident.