Prostitution is not new to many of us. Unfortunately, much like any other criminal offense, the act of offering your body for sexual acts in exchange for a service, product, or currency, is an ever growing offense that has not come to a halt on account of it being illegal. Because of this, if you are not aware of the law and are committing these acts, you may be arrested at some point. Ever so often, police officers stakeout offenders to catch them in the act of prostitution. Unfortunately for most, this includes officers arriving on the scene undercover and potentially inquiring or even handing over money for illegal activities. This means, they will not always come as police officers ready to arrest you, so there are times where you may be approached by law enforcement and have no idea. If you are arrested for prostitution, no matter the circumstances, there may be criminal defenses available to you and you should speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Many people may know prostitution as the oldest profession knwon to man, and those same people may know it to be illegal almost entirely throughout the the United States. Like stated above, prostitution is the act of using or selling your body for sexual favors in exchange for things. Many people prostitute for money, some drugs, and some just for regular favors like maybe a ride up the street or even a letter of recommendation for a job. Both the individual committing the prostitution and the individual receiving the act can be arrested and charegd in most locations around the country.

Like any other criminal offense, prosecutors have to prove that the accused party was in fact committing prostitution with another individual. One cannot exist without the other. Meaning, if the party paying for the act denies such accusations, prostitution cannot be charged against either party. There are some cases where as long as the prosecutor proves that the alleged prostitute agreed to participate in any sexual acts in exchange for something, this is enough to charge them.

Details of every prostitution case matter, in that every minor detail may lead to a different outcome whether good or bad. By speaking with a criminal defense attorney, you welcome the opportunity of having charges or punishment reduced or dropped entirely. The right attorney will be able to review the facts of the case, and no matter the evidence against you, be able to fight on your behalf. There are cases where law enforcement, eager to make an arrest, drop the ball. And even prosecution, eager to press charges, disregard constitutional rights. As soon as any charges of prostitution arise, contact a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA and give details of your case to see what legal options may be available to you.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into criminal defense and prostitution.