Public Relations and Litigation 101

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If you find yourself the defendant in a criminal case, working with an attorney who has knowledge of public relations can be of benefit to you. Litigation PR can be especially helpful when it comes to cases that have caught the attention of the media. It will be important to access public relations to protect your reputation when it comes to how the general public perceives you. Contact an attorney who either has experience with PR or a law firm who employs a publicist.

What is Litigation PR?

When it comes to high profile cases, public opinion and how the media perceives you can make all the difference. This is vital in this day and age because we have access to as much information as we want due to the access we have to the Internet and social media. As a result, any negative opinions about you while dealing with legal issues could potentially impact the outcome of your case. Because of this, Legal PR is vital to high profile cases. It is important as an attorney that you control public opinion and conversation regarding your client.

Case Examples that Required Public Relations

There are a number of situations where a client could benefit from public relations. They are primarily helpful when a client must endure legal hardship in the public eye. In some cases, crisis PR may even be required. The following are specific high profile case examples that required public relations:

  • The OJ Simpson Trial
  • The Scott Peterson Trial
  • The Eddie Murphy Paternity Scandal
  • The Tiger Woods Scandal

In some cases, attorneys hire publicists or a PR firm  to manage the reputations of their clients or, have an in house publicist manage situations of a sensitive nature. At times, an attorney may prefer for a publicist to manage the media so that they can focus on the legal aspects of the case. It is also common for an attorney to act as both publicist and attorney.

Managing a sensitive issue and having your dirty laundry aired for all to see can be challenging. This goes for anyone, but is especially true for those who live their lives under the scrutiny of the public. It can be overwhelming to find the right attorney when there are so many options available, working with an attorney who is trained in managing public relations is key when facing a situation that could be damaging to your reputation.