Questions to Ask Your Potential DUI Attorney

Questions to Ask Your Potential DUI Attorney

Finding the right lawyer in Denver, CO for you is an important matter. Your choice of attorney can make a real difference in how your case ultimately turns out. The right lawyer may be able to minimize the disruption to your life, while the wrong choice could mean more jail time, fines and other serious consequences that may have been reduced or avoided entirely.

To find the right attorney for your case, you’ll need to ask some questions and get some answers at your initial consultation before you formally decide whom you want to represent you.

How long have you practiced law in Colorado?

A lawyer who has not practiced law in Colorado for very long or at all will have the technical legal skills to handle your case, but not the advantage that comes with having experience in the local legal system of your case. An attorney with little or no experience in Colorado may also not be familiar with all the laws and court procedures relevant to your case. In short, you want an attorney who has worked in Colorado before on DUI cases – one who knows the systems, the courts, the rules and the other players involved in your case.

How many DUI cases have you worked on?

Practice makes perfect, and this is true in the legal world, too. A criminal lawyer in Denver, Co who has represented clients in cases similar to yours is simply better equipped to work for you. You should also ask the attorney about their track record in defending DUI cases. After all, years of experience don’t necessarily override a track record of most clients receiving the maximum DUI penalties applicable in their cases.

What is your approach to a DUI case?

You need to be confident in your attorney. Otherwise, you will not work together well, and this can be a significant detriment to your case. Find out how the attorney handles DUI cases from start to finish. If their ideas and strategies are truly off-putting to you, it may be best to move onto the next name on your list. Of course, if you don’t understand just one or two things, be sure to ask the attorney about them; their plans may just reflect something you weren’t aware of!

How much do you charge?

Learn about how the attorney charges and what the estimated cost for a case like yours would be. Of course, the attorney may not be able to guarantee a total. Things could pop up in your case that makes it more complex, requiring more work from the attorney, or it could turn out simpler than expected.

In addition, find out how the attorney accepts payment, including whether you will need to pay in full upfront or if they will allow you to set up a payment plan.

How can I contact you?

Learn how the attorney and their staff communicate and how quickly they typically respond to questions. An attorney without a clear communication system in place may only add stress to the experience for you.

Thank you to the experts at Richard J. Banta, PC, for their insight into DUIs and the law.