Real Time Court Reporting

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Court reporting companies offer different services for law firms to choose from to take depositions and other legal events. One of the services offered that attorneys may consider is real time court reporting. With real time court reporting, there is an instant translation from the court reporter’s shorthand to English. The attorneys’ laptop, phone, or tablet is linked to the reporter’s computer. This enables the attorney to see the translation of what the reporter is entering immediately as the witness is testifying.

When an attorney chooses real time reporting, they not only have immediate access to the testimony being given, but that testimony, as well as other data connected to it, can be secured in a repository, enabling instant access at any time. The testimony can also be synchronized with videotape that may be recorded during the deposition. This allows a specific testimony search on the tape at a later date.

Here are some of the benefits to real time reporting:

Error Correction
Using real time reporting also helps legal teams catch any mistakes that the witness may make or clarify any statements they make. This clarification can make a difference in the future as the case progresses.

Immediate Access to Verbal Testimony
All parties present can be given access to rough drafts of the testimony transcript within seconds as it’s being given on electronic devices.

Immediate Review
Real time reporting allows attorneys and their legal teams to review the answers the witness is giving as the testimony is actually taking place. This allows the attorney to quickly come up with any needed follow-up questions, rephrase questions to the witness, and catch any errors in the witness’s testimony that could signal further or deeper interrogation is needed.

Litigation Precision
Sometimes an attorney will lose focus, either while they are conducting the questioning, or while the other side is. Real time reporting enables attorneys to have immediate access to the questions and answers with just a quick glance at their laptop, etc.

Note Taking
Having testimony right as it is being given allows attorneys to make notes and comments directly on the testimony, helping to keep needed follow up organized and easy to access.

Rough Draft Access
The final official transcripts of a deposition or other testimony are not available immediately, however, it is not uncommon for there to be days of testimony that will be taking place. If an attorney needs to prepare for testimony the following day, even though they may not have the final transcript, they will still have the rough draft from the real-time reporting in order to prepare their questions for the next day’s testimony.

To learn more about real-time reporting and how it can help your firm, call a court reporting agency, like a court reporting agency today.