Should You Hire An Attorney?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Truck accidents often cause serious injuries and damages, and sometimes even death. If you’re involved in a truck accident, chances are there are going to be some big expenses. Should you hire an attorney? How much is it going to cost for your truck accident case?

The Attorney Fees

Many attorneys who fight truck accident cases work on a contingency fee basis. This means the payment you give the lawyer is contingent on winning the case. If the case is not won, you typically don’t have to pay the lawyer. Keep in mind this only applies to services rendered by the attorney. There will be other costs you’ll have to pay.

Many contingency fees run around 33%, but can reach up to 40% or more. Some contingency fee contracts state the lawyer will take a smaller percentage if the case is settled outside of court, and a larger percentage if it goes to court. In any case, the attorney will get payment out of the settlement before you see any of it.

Other Expenses

There are other expenses not included in the contingency fee. These are costs you’d be required to pay, though your attorney could work out a deal with you to get them paid in a manner that works best for you. Some of those expenses could include:

  • Fees for collecting police reports
  • Fees to obtain medical records and other medical documentation
  • Costs to consult an expert
  • Accident reconstruction costs

Costs To Litigate the Case

Not every truck accident case is going to be settled outside of court, though that is the goal in the beginning. If your case does go to court, there are typically going to be many litigation expenses you’ll need to pay. You should speak with your lawyer about how these are handled. Some will be added to the contingency payment, while others you’ll have to pay from your own pocket. Litigation costs could include:

  • Court filing fees
  • Costs for court reporters
  • Summons and subpoena service fees
  • Expert witness statements and testimony reimbursement

Securing Legal Representation

If you were involved in a truck accident, you might consider the costs associated with hiring a lawyer and get scared away, but keep in mind it is often the least expensive route to take. When you want to aim for the most compensation possible, you need someone with experience on your side.