Therapists for Car Accident Victims

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Occupational therapists are professionals who help develop programs for those impacted by illness, disorders, or injury. Those who can benefit the most from occupational therapy are people who struggle to care for themselves in regards to work, leisure, and/or school. Occupational therapists can create a program on an individual patient basis, or for a group of people. An occupational therapist can also make the appropriate adjustments to a client’s program as their health fluctuates.

Car accident victims who walked away with serious physical, emotional, and/or cognitive changes due to injury, may have questions for a car accident lawyer and may want to try working with an occupational therapist during their recovery. Here we have talked further about the important role occupational therapists can have for people who need support after a car wreck: 

What an Occupational Therapist Does

On a day-to-day basis, an occupational therapist is responsible for finding out what their clients are capable of doing on their own, and what they need help becoming more independent with. Depending on the severity of the injury post car accident, a person may need help with things like tending to their hygiene on their own or coping with new everyday challenges.

In other words, occupational therapists are like problem solvers who help people overcome or manage the difficulties they face. An occupational therapist may do any of the following when working with their client to create a personalized program:

  • Evaluate physical strength related to coordination, balance, and strength
  • Test mental abilities for organization, coping, and memory
  • Encourage an emotional and social support system for home, school, and work
  • Set up the home, work, or classroom with tools needed to be successful
  • Educate clients on how to perform certain actions based on their current physical, emotional, or cognitive capabilities 
  • Introduce new materials to make performing actions easier
  • Lowering or raising a desk so it is more suitable for use
  • Help clear up messy areas or assist with reorganizing the home, work, or classroom so the client can move around easily for what they need 
  • Make a list of situations the client encounters daily and address them through problem solving

How Occupational Therapists Help with Injuries

Victims of car accidents may have new challenges related to their physical, mental, and/or emotional functioning. Occupational therapists can work with car accident clients to set goals that are within reach, and help them feel as though they can reasonably go about their typical daily life activities. Occupational therapists can establish a program based on what is currently possible for that person after the car wreck. Common injuries associated with victims of vehicle collisions include chronic pain, spinal cord damage, amputations, brain injury, and mental illness. 

Occupational Therapy Defined

By definition, occupational therapy is the science and art of permitting engagement of daily living through helping people perform actions that support their health and well-being. Occupational therapists create programs so that those who struggle with mental, physical, and/or emotional disability can reach their potential.