Therapy for Heartache After Divorce

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For many people, the transitionary period after divorce can be the most painful step. Once the divorce is finalized with a divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL, you are now officially free to start your new life. However for some, this newly awarded way of living can seem scary and daunting. Your days used to be filled with marriage commitments and time with your spouse. You now have a more free schedule to do as you please, which can be frightening.

During this time, it can be crucial to consider seeing a therapist to help regain your confidence and face some fears. Here we have gone into further detail about how exactly seeing a therapist can assist in healing your heartache, and getting you onto the path of healing.

Fill in those Hours with Activities you Enjoy

You may be wondering what exactly you do enjoy doing. Sometimes during a marriage one or both partners gets lost in the other. It becomes all about what you do together, so the sense of individuality and independence can dwindle. A therapist can help you get to know yourself again, and figure out what hobbies or activities bring you joy.  

Someone to Provide Unbiased Support

A therapist can provide you with unbiased and consistent support. The opinions and judgements of others who comment about the divorce can be weighing heavy on your shoulders. The goal of therapy is to permit an environment in which you feel comfortable, safe and are able to express true feelings.

Therapy sessions usually last around 40 minutes to an hour, and during this time it is all about you. Your therapist is concerned about what thoughts are true for you, not what your family, friends or coworkers think about the divorce.

Target Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

When we are very young, our minds are like a sponge that absorbs the environment around us. Our behaviors and habits can form based on the home we grew up in and our relationship to our parents. Often times, digging into our childhood can provide healing in our current life. There may be traumas or pains that have not been properly dealt with, that are contributing to unhealthy relationship patterns.

As uncomfortable as it may be to talk about your childhood, it can be an opportunity for immense healing of your past and current life. A therapist can help aid you during this process, as intense and turbulent emotions may arise.

A Different Perspective

Sometimes we get stuck in our own heads. We get caught up in worries of the past or future, and have trouble staying in the present moment. You may be replaying past arguments or traumas you experienced with your prior spouse. You may even be feeling down about yourself if you think something you did contributed to the divorce. How you view your former marriage may be adding a large amount of heartache you are experiencing.

With the gentle guiding of a therapist, you may be able to slowly start changing your perspective on the divorce. This altering of perception can help you achieve emotional freedom and peace.



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