Tips for Vehicle Drivers to Avoid Crashing When Sharing the Road with a Motorcycle

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Motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic ones, mainly due to the fact that there is nothing that protects the riders on the bike from the force of impact when they are hit by another vehicle. Other types of vehicles have the body frame as a protector, as well as airbags and seat belts. There are none of these items for a motorcyclist or passenger.

This is why it is critical for all motorists to remember that they are sharing the road with many different types of vehicles, including motorcycles. Many of the motorcycle crashes that take place could have been avoided if a vehicle driver had paid attention to the road around them and realized they were driving in the same area as a motorcycle.

The following are some recommended tips for drivers to keep in mind in order to avoid being responsible for the horrific injuries of a motorcyclist because they caused a crash. For more information on motorcycle accidents, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents rely on.

Make sure to always check the blind spots in your vehicle.

Every vehicle has blind spots, some more than others. It is critical whenever a vehicle driver is going to make a turn or change lanes on a road that they double check their vehicle blind spots to make sure that there are no motorcycles traveling where they are getting ready to move their vehicle. Because motorcycles are small, it is too easy for a vehicle driver to miss their presence on the road, especially if windows are closed and the radio is on.

Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the motorcycle.

It can be hard for a vehicle driver to judge the speed that a motorcycle is going. Not only does their size contribute to this difficulty, but many motorcyclists slow their bike down by downshifting instead of hitting the brakes. This means there are no brake lights to signal the slowdown to the driver behind them. This is why it is critical for all drivers to maintain a safe distance when following a motorcycle.

Watch for signals the motorcyclist may give.

It is always important for drivers to pay attention to signals another vehicle may give, but this is especially true for motorcycles. It is also not uncommon for a motorcycle to include hand signals when they are driving as an extra precaution.

Do not try to push a motorcyclist out of a lane.

Unlike other types of vehicles, which take up the entire lane, a motorcycle only takes up a small portion. Unfortunately, this often leads to other drivers thinking they can just squeeze into the lane right next to the motorcycle. This often has serious consequences for the motorcyclist and can lead to a severe injury. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, every vehicle has the right to the full lane.

Motorcyclists often swerve.

It is important for vehicle drivers to pay attention to how the motorcycle is moving. One common defensive maneuver for motorcyclists is swerving. They will often do this to avoid debris on the road, potholes, or other obstacles that could cause them to crash. This is just one more reason why it is crucial to never crowd the space the motorcycle is traveling in.

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