Understanding the Best Time to Consult and Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases vary, and this variance makes these claims complicated and stressful, especially for legal novices or those with no background in law. The temptation to fight your own battle is admirable, but unless your claim is significantly straightforward, it is also somewhat naïve. Even lawyers typically don’t represent themselves. The emotional baggage you bring into a case will not help you speak to the legality of the claim. If anything, too much emotion in a legal argument can be detrimental to the process. Therefore, it is wise to lean on the experience and expertise of a practiced personal injury lawyer.

What’s the Best Time to Consult and Hire a Lawyer?

You should consult a lawyer immediately after your injury in most instances. While waiting, in theory, is a good idea because many injuries take time to manifest fully as does the medical plan for treatment, insurance companies do not like to wait. In fact, you will probably receive a phone call or a visit from an insurer within a day or two of the accident. You might think that having a conversation is no big deal, but keep in mind that insurers are not a friend to your claim. They will look for holes in your story, and they will offer small money settlements just to clear their caseload. A lawyer has the expertise and the experience to help you through these initial contacts, and in many cases, they will advise against a meeting so early on in the process, especially without representation.

What If the Claims Process Has Started?

Many people will begin the claims process without consulting a lawyer because they believe their case is straightforward. However, they quickly find out that most cases are not as simple as they seem. Thankfully, you have a right to representation. Therefore, contact a lawyer and discuss your options even if you started the process. Also, keep in mind that bringing a lawyer in early could help you to avoid a trial. Most personal injury lawyers like to settle claims before trial, and their experience in negotiation and the law will probably result in a higher settlement offer than you could get on your own.

Personal injury claims run the gamut of negligence and fault, and while you might feel confident in your ability to argue your case, keep in mind that personal injury lawyers have the education, experience and legal prowess necessary to successfully argue a variety of claims. Do yourself a favor and at least call a local personal injury lawyer before moving forward with your claim.