US Actress Sues for $5 Million After Dog Bite

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According to the lawsuit, the actress was embracing her male co-lead for a romantic scene when a Boston terrier, who had a role in the movie but was not a part of that scene, ran up the stairs, knocked the male costar over and then bit Frantz on the face. At the time of the incident, the actress was three months pregnant, so she avoided getting a tetanus shot because she had concerns about its safety and the impact on her unborn child. Unfortunately, less than two weeks later, the actress suffered a miscarriage. According to the filing, she has also suffered from stress, anxiety and other stress-related considerations since the dog attack occurred and has endured losses as a direct result.

Her lawsuit over the dog bite is contending that NB Thrilling Films 4 Inc., the production company behind the film, was negligent with the dog handling and failed to keep her safe on set. It also states the dog in question was not a trained, professional animal but actually a family pet owned by a crewmember who was working on the film.

The production company has responded to the lawsuit, admitting the incident occurred but denying that Frantz suffered any permanent or serious injuries as a result. An attorney for the company added that the actress should have known that animals can be unpredictable and that there was an inherent risk she consented to by deciding to act in a film that has a dog.

Frantz reportedly did not go to a hospital after the bite incident but did see a doctor, who advised a tetanus shot and a rabies vaccination. The terrier that attacked her had been recently bitten in a dog park and was under investigation for the disease at the time. She did not need stitches and did complete the filming of the movie before leaving Ottawa for her home in California, where she learned of her miscarriage. According to her attorney, she wasn’t expecting a dog attack or the stress of the tetanus shot decision, and the result triggered the actress into developing the thyroid condition Graves’ disease, an illness that the Mayo Clinic notes can be brought on by physical or emotional stress in some people (

The actress is suing the production company for $5 million for her pain, suffering and the loss of work she endured after the incident, among other things. The allegations have yet to be heard in court.

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