What Can a Brain Injury Attorney Do?

What Can a Brain Injury Lawyer Do?

Traumatic brain injuries don’t just affect the injured person. His or her family members, coworkers, friends, and other acquaintances often deal with the issue as well. In some brain injuries, the patient suffers a concussion and makes a full recovery. Other cases consist of memory loss, cognitive ability loss, and other more serious disabilities. Whether you or a loved one is experiencing TBI, it can get scary and expensive. What are some resources available to you?

Calling a Brain Injury Lawyer

One of the best resources is a legal contact. Brain injury lawyers deal with similar situations every day. They know the ins and outs of brain injuries, as well as what type of compensation you could be entitled to. Your attorney could help you fight a lawsuit in court, could help you file an insurance claim, and could give you advice about ongoing care and where you can turn. Your lawyer can also help you secure payment for future medical and other expenses.

The Rights You Have

As a TBI victim, you have certain rights that a lawyer can make sure are met. It can get confusing trying to figure out where to turn in the aftermath of an injury, but a lawyer will have your back and fight for your rights. One right is to file a personal injury lawsuit if your injury resulted from the negligence of another person or entity. To have a chance at winning your case, your lawyer will need to help you prove:

  • The other party had a duty to provide you with a certain level of care.
  • The other party violated that duty and was negligent in your care.
  • The other party’s negligence was the sole cause of your brain injury.

Damages You Can Seek

When you hire an attorney to help you file a brain injury lawsuit, there are a lot of damages you may choose to seek. This will depend on your specific situation, but some common damages include disability, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, personal property damage, emotional distress, shortened life expectancy, loss of future earning, and caretaking expenses. Many of these damages can be sought for both the past and the future.

Contacting a Lawyer

After a TBI, you may feel at a loss for what to do. One resource you have is a brain injury lawyer. You shouldn’t have to fight the responsible party or an insurance company on your own. Contact a brain injury lawyer today to get started with the legal process.