What Do I Do if My Insurance Claim Has Been Denied?

If you recently received a rejection from your insurance provider in regard to a claim you submitted, you may be confused, angry and panicked. Depending on the amount of the claim in question, you may be wondering how you can possibly cover the costs associated with the challenges you are facing. Whether the claim was related to medical procedures, a motor vehicle accident, the death of a loved one or property damage, you were counting on your insurance provider to cover your expenses. An insurance claim denial is always a challenging situation to navigate. But if your claim was legitimate, you have no gaps in your payment schedule or the terms of your coverage and you believe your claim should have been covered by the terms of your policy, resist the urge to panic just yet. It is entirely possible that with the assistance of an insurance claims denials lawyer, you can still recover any compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Responding to a Rejected Insurance Claim

Legitimate and timely insurance claims are generally denied for three reasons. First, the policyholder makes some kind of administrative mistake when submitting the claim. Second, the insurance provider makes some kind of administrative mistake when processing the claim. Third, the insurance provider acts in so-called “bad faith” by intentionally denying a claim it understands to be valid. No matter which factor (or combination of factors) is affecting your claim status, an experienced insurance claims denials lawyer can help. Insurance companies tend to respond positively when they know that someone has hired an attorney to help them sort out their claim. Oftentimes, all it takes is a few calls from an experienced insurance claims denials lawyer to straighten mistakes out and get policyholders access to their rightful compensation. Sometimes though, seeking proper compensation requires legal action. If it takes legal action to get an insurance provider to “pony up” anything that rightfully belongs to a policyholder, the policyholder filing the action may be able to recover damages in addition to the original claim amount.

Bad Faith Claims Assistance Is Available

If you have recently had a legitimate claim denied by your insurance provider, please schedule a risk-free consultation with an insurance claims denials lawyer today. Once an attorney better understands why your claim was denied, you will be given the tools to make an informed decision about how to proceed. Whether your situation is complex or straightforward, if you are entitled to insurance benefits for a legitimate claim, you should strongly consider insisting on proper reimbursement from your insurer. And if it turns out that your claim was denied due to a mistake on your part, your lawyer can help you right that situation as quickly as possible. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, like a insurance claims lawyer, you will hopefully receive your compensation sooner rather than later.