What is my truck accident claim worth?

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When a small vehicle is in a collision with a large commercial truck, such as a tractor trailer, the damages and injuries can be devastating – even when relatively slow speeds are one of the circumstances of the accident. When you’ve been injured in a truck accident, the chances that negligence or carelessness being a contributing factor are high. If this is true, you may have the right to file a personal injury claim. Although a claim might not reverse time, it can help to replace the financial losses you have incurred since the accident. You should not waste time in pursuing compensation; therefore, should call a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

What Your Truck Accident Claim May Be Worth

All truck accident claim settlements and verdicts are different amounts and based upon a number of factors, including:

The Total Costs of Your Medical Bills

One of the biggest factors that will affect the amount of money you recover in a truck accident claim or lawsuit is the total costs of your medical bills. In general, the injuries sustained in a truck accident will be more severe than other types of vehicular collisions. The following will have a role in the amount you recieve:

  • The more costly your medical expenses are
  • The longer you required treatment
  • If you require ongoing medical care for months, years, or for the remainder of your life

That said, there is not an exact amount that you can or cannot receive. It will be determined after a lawyer extensively reviews your case. What you can expect is that as long as you’ve followed the procedures and retained a good truck accident lawyer, your medical bills will be compensated for.

Loss of Income or Lost Wages

If you sustained serious injuries, you most likely have also missed work. Depending on your occupation, you might be unable to return to your job for an extensive period of time – if ever again.

Your lawyer will request your employer to provide him or her with documentation that details your average hours worked, the number of lost days, your salary, and more. When you seek monetary compensation, your lost wages should be included in your settlement.

Vehicular and Property Damage

If your vehicle has been damaged, the repairs should be covered. Alternatively, if the car is totaled, you may receive the blue book value. It is possible that you will not receive the full amount of damages to your vehicle or other property. You should discuss this with your lawyer an ensure he or she does their best to get you maximum compensation.

Pain and Suffering

It is not easy to calculate the total amount of pain or suffering. Your lawyer will likely assess the severity of your injuries, damages your suffered, emotional distress, and all other loses to come up with a fair and just value. If you have children or a spouse, your lawyer might also take into consideration how the accident affected their life. In general, this type of damage will be fought for the hardest because it’s not as straightforward as the other damages.

Your Legal Fees

A personal injury lawyer DC offers works on contingency. As long as he or she wins your case, you will be required to pay their fees. If you don’t recovery anything, you will not need to pay the lawyer. The legal fees will be discussed during your consultation.

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