What to Consider After Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Another County

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Did you recently receive a speeding ticket in a county in which you do not live? What should you do next? Do you plan to fight or pay the ticket? Where do you go to handle it? There may be a dozen questions on your mind, and the following should help you start to make sense of it all.

Finding Legal Counsel

After being ticketed for speeding, you may want to secure legal counsel. Whether you plan to pay for the ticket right away or fight it in court, a lawyer can direct you on how to handle the whole situation. Lawyers are licensed by state, so as long as the other county you received your ticket in is still in state, you are fine to hire any local lawyer you feel will best represent you.

Paying or Fighting the Ticket

After you have the assistance of an attorney, you’ll need to decide whether to pay the ticket or fight it in court. Your attorney can go over legal fees with you to give you a better idea of which avenue would be more financially responsible for your circumstance.

If you choose to just pay the ticket and move on with life, you will need to find out who exactly issued the ticket. It may have been a state officer, county officer or local officer. You’ll need to pay the ticket to that jurisdiction.

If you decide it’s worth the fight, you’ll need to again find out which jurisdiction you’ll be working with. Your lawyer can help you prepare and get a court date set.

Preparing for Court

Whether you go to court through the state or the county in which you received the ticket, you’ll need to prepare. Some things you should do to get ready could include:

  • Collecting Evidence – Collect witness statements, photographic evidence and any other evidence you can find that will show you weren’t speeding or weren’t aware of the speed limit.
  • Researching Speed Equipment – There may be some downfalls with the equipment the officer used to clock your speed. If you can make a compelling argument against the equipment, it could help you fight the ticket.

Getting Started Today

When you receive a speeding ticket in another county, you may feel like it complicates the process a whole lot. The good news is the only complication will be having to travel to that county to take care of the ticket. With a good lawyer by your side, it could be a lot easier. Contact a traffic lawyer today to get started.

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