What To Do After a Car Accident While Pregnant

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For many people, there is no greater joy than bringing a child into the world. Fortunately, in the first nine months, the child is in the mother’s womb, where it is protected from the outside world. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to all the traumatic experiences of the mother, like car accidents. While a collision can be more panic-inducing while pregnant, it is necessary to remember that all the essential steps to take in the aftermath are the same.

1. Assess Your Injuries

Immediately following the collision, you want to assess your injuries. Do you feel any pain in your abdomen? Are you bleeding? Can you move freely, or are you trapped? By evaluating your injuries, you can better determine the appropriate next steps.

2. Call for Help

Regardless of your injuries, you need to call for assistance. If your injuries are severe, then call 911. Honestly, as a pregnant woman, it is likely best to call 911 regardless of the apparent severity of your injuries because you need to assess the trauma to your child.

3. Assess the Injuries of Others

If you can move freely and exiting the vehicle is possible, then try to check the passengers in your car. If everyone is OK in your vehicle, check the passengers and driver in the other vehicle. You will want to know how threatening injuries are so that you can relay that information to the EMTs when they arrive. First and foremost, however, do not overexert yourself. As a pregnant woman, you must look after the well-being of yourself and your child, above all.

4. Move To Safety

If you can exit your car without furthering injury to yourself, then you should move to a safe area. Often, the safest locations following an accident are on a curb or grassy area out of the street. If you are closer to a median, then stand or sit there. The main objective is to move away from oncoming traffic.

5. Go To Your Doctor

While it is crucial to get checked out at the scene of the crash, you should also schedule an appointment with your doctor too. Your primary care physician will probably get you in the same day or the following morning because of the sensitive nature of your case.

Getting in an accident while pregnant is scary, but the process following the trauma is essentially the same. However, if you wish to pursue legal action, then contact an auto accident lawyer, like from Yearin Law Office, for help.