What to Do After Being Served Divorce Papers in Pennsylvania

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Whether you’re expecting it or not, it may not be easy to officially be served divorce papers in Pennsylvania. Before you do anything, take a moment to sit back and relax. There’s no reason to jump on the phone and call everyone. There’s no need to contact your lawyer the very second you receive the papers. Take some time for yourself. Realize your life is about to change, possibly in a drastic way. It’ll take time for you to get used to the idea, but begin by quietly processing the fact that you have papers in hand. After you’ve had a moment, do the following.

1. Read and Study the Paperwork

If your spouse filed the divorce paperwork, you’ll want to read through it very carefully to ensure everything within the document is accurate. Each statement regarding you, your spouse, your children and your marriage, in general, should be completely factual. The document will also include what your spouse feels they deserve regarding child custody, spousal support, child support, and assets.

As you read and study this paperwork, make a note of anything you feel is misleading or false in any way. If there was something important left out of it, be sure to jot that down as well. You should also have a verification page that shows your spouse believes everything in the complaint is truthful, so be sure that’s in there as well.

2. Contact Your Family Lawyer

Having legal representation on your side is perhaps the best way to ensure the proceedings go fairly. You may not understand all the legal ins and outs of a divorce, but a family lawyer will. He or she can help you fight for child custody and other assets you feel are rightfully yours. He or she can help you conduct investigations into your spouse if you need proof of infidelity or other infractions in the marriage.

3. File a Response

After you feel you have addressed everything in the complaint, you and your lawyer will move forward with a response. You’ll typically have just 20 days from the time you were served papers to file your response, so don’t delay.

Contacting Your Attorney Today

If you have been served with divorce papers in Pennsylvania, know that everything is going to work out in the end. Take a break for a moment before moving ahead with the documents, and be sure to contact your divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL to help you with the process. It may seem overwhelming right now, but you can do this!

Thanks to Pioletti & Pioletti for their insight into family law and being served divorce papers.