What You Need to Know About Court Reporting For Your Personal Injury Case

What You Need to Know About Court Reporting For Your Personal Injury Case

When it comes to finding a court reporter, you may not realize there is an actual process. You will need to look for someone with very specific training who provides very specific tools for the kind of work that he or she does. It is important to find a court reporter who is reliable and can be trusted to accurately replicate the information and exchanges that go on inside a court proceeding. If you are looking for a court reporter or would like to know more about court reporting, you can contact a court reporting agency to set up an interview and determine if they have a court reporter who is a good fit for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Court Reporters

Do you need a certification to become a court reporter?

Yes. This is a great question and many people believe that even if they have certain qualifications–like being able to type quickly and accurately–that they do not need to have certifications when it comes to court reporting. However, if you want to become a legally certified court reporter, you must complete training from a court-reporting school that your state recognizes. When this is done, they will issue you a certification. When you pass your state’s exam, you will then be given a Certified Shorthand Reporter License. When looking for a court reporter, you will want to ensure they are licensed in the state they are practicing in. Further, many court reporters get an additional certification from the NCRA (the National Court Reporting Association) independently of any company they may work for. 

Is there a requirement for words they write per minute?

When you are looking for a legal and certified court reporter, you will find that they need to be able to type with over a 97% accuracy, up to 200 words per minute. 

What is a steno-machine?

Like someone who needs to use a work laptop for their work, a court reporter will bring a steno-machine with them when they come to court. This machine is similar to a laptop and it is what a court reporter uses when they are transcribing everything being said during the deposition or in court. It looks similar to a laptop and a typewriter and when you look at the keyboard you will notice it has specific keys that are designed to type in phonetic sounds. This helps a court reporter move as quickly as possible. 

If you are interested in speaking with an agency to see how they can help you with your court reporting needs, please contact a court reporter now for more information.