What You Need To Know About Summer Tire Blowouts In Commercial Trucks

There are many things we expect to see as we are driving along the highway, such as trees, signs for local attractions and construction. However, we might be more surprised to see big chunks of black rubber on the road. They are the result of tire blowouts and can put everyone on the road in danger.

A Hazard Of Summer

The chunks of rubber you see on highways are typically from blown tires from commercial trucks. This occurs when a vehicle loses tire pressure. This is especially dangerous when the vehicle weighs up to 80,000 pounds. It may be impossible for the truck driver to stop the truck, resulting in a collision. According to federal research, hundreds of vehicle crashes are due to commercial trucks with faulty tires. These tires make it difficult for drivers to stop their vehicles and cause them rollover.

Driving on hot roadways in the summer can break down tire structure and even cause tire frames to bend and buckle. While it’s important for truck drivers to monitor their tires for wear and tear, many of them ignore tire health.

Replacing worn-down truck tires isn’t cheap. It can cost $600 and more to replace tires, so many drivers or their employers start “retreading” tires. This can save hundreds of dollars. It hasn’t been proven yet that retreaded tires are more likely to give out than new ones, but there are a lot of retreaded tires on the road.

Protection From Gators

The trucking industry refers to the remains of blown tires as “gators.” Drivers can take steps to avoid getting into accidents with trucks with tire issues. For example, they can avoid driving too close to commercial trucks.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

If an accident caused by a commercial truck’s tire blowout occurs, it might seem obvious that the truck driver is automatically at fault. However, it can be a little more complex than that. Tire blowouts can actually be caused by many different factors. Insurance companies may also try to take advantage of victims and convince them to accept low settlement offers. deserve to avoid long delays. That’s why it is so important to work with an experienced truck accident lawyer. He or she can gather evidence, talk to witness, file paperwork, negotiate settlements and represent you in court.

According to the AAA Foundation, blown tires are America’s greatest source of roadway debris and a driving hazard. If you are the victim of an accident caused by a tire blowout, you should speak to a truck accident lawyer such as the truck accident lawyer Central Phoenix, AZ locals turn to  as soon as possible.


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