What You’ll Need to Do After Being Injured By a Drunk Driver

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Driving drunk is something everyone knows not to do, but unfortunately, there are still individuals who choose to get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. If you were hit and injured by one of those individuals, you deserve proper compensation to help you recover from the financial, physical and emotional effects of the accident. The following are four things you’ll need to do after an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Call the Police

Regardless of how much the other driver begs you not to call the police, you owe it to yourself to call the police after an accident. It’s also the law to call the police if the accident caused an injury, so you would need to for that reason as well. If anyone’s injuries are life-threatening, make a call to 911, rather than just the local police department.

When an officer arrives, he or she will make a report of the accident. The officer can also assess the other driver, which you’ll want to have happen so you can prove the driver was drunk. The police report can be used for insurance purposes, as well as in a court of law.

Receive Medical Assistance

It’s important you take care of yourself so you are healthy enough to take on your case against the drunk driver. Immediate medical attention is also essential to having a solid case. If you forgo medical attention, you may not have the proof you need to show the driver was responsible for your injuries or health conditions. Your doctor’s medical report could be a huge piece of evidence in a lawsuit.

Contact the Drunk Driver’s Insurance Company

Whether the driver gave you his or her insurance information, or you obtained it from the police report, contact the drunk driver’s insurance company so they are informed you may file a claim. You are under no obligation to explain the situation, as they will have a claims adjuster contact the other driver for information. If the insurance company tries to settle with you right away, be wary about accepting the offer. Chances are you could be entitled to more than what they offer.

Find Witnesses

There could be a lot of witnesses to what happened surrounding your accident. If you can, find out where the other driver had been drinking and go speak to a bartender who might be able to testify against him or her. Check for witnesses at the scene who can give a statement about what happened. If there are any traffic or surveillance cameras in the area, try to get a copy of your accident.

Contact a Lawyer

Having a lawyer by your side when dealing with a drunk driver could be one of the best moves you make. Contact a car accident lawyer in Rapid City, SD, like from The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP, today to learn more about what you need to do next.