Who will Pay for the Damage to My Vehicle

When a car accident occurs, the most important thing to address is whether there are any injuries. If you or your passengers have been hurt, it is critical to seek immediate medical attention and get evaluated by a doctor.  Once that is taken care of, your next concern might be how you are going to get your car repaired or replaced. 

One of the first things your attorney will do is find out what type of insurance coverage is available. If the other driver has insurance, you can usually have their company pay for your repairs or replace your car. Of course, you will need to find out how much coverage is available. What if the driver has $10,000.00 in insurance but it will cost more than that to repair or replace your car?  What if more than two vehicles were involved in the accident and there is not enough insurance to cover all of the claims? What do you do if the other driver has no auto insurance? What kind of insurance do you have? Does it make sense to go through your own insurance company to get your car fixed or replaced? Do you have a deductible and can you afford to pay it?

In most accidents, the police will prepare a report. This will help determine who is at fault and what damage was done to the vehicles. However, keep in mind that the accident report is not always accurate and cannot always be relied upon. Remember, the police officer likely did not witness the accident, so he can only determine what happened by looking at the scene and the vehicles, and by talking to the drivers and any witnesses who saw the accident.  Therefore, it is very important for your attorney to talk with the witnesses to find out exactly what happened. It is also usually a very good idea for an investigator to take photos of the scene. After you take care of your injuries and make sure you are okay, it is also important to take photos of the damage to the vehicles to share with your attorney and the insurance adjuster. 

There are many issues that can arise after an automobile accident and getting your car repaired or replaced is not always as easy as it should be. A car accident lawyer in Tampa, FL can help you get what you need to repair your car or life. Contact a law office today to discuss your case and next steps. 

Thanks to Jeff Murphy Law for their insight into personal injury claims and who pays for the damage to a vehicle.