Why Hire a Lawyer When You Have Taken Steps Independently

Personal Injury Attorney

While it is normal to try to save money when dealing with legal issues, there are reasons to avoid a DIY personal injury claim, especially when your injuries are severe. Unless you are a qualified attorney, most lawyers will advise you to seek legal counsel. Still, if you are not sold on professional recommendations, there are several reasons to hire an attorney, even when you have taken steps independently.

Opposing Counsel

Too many victims believe that their case is open and shut and the insurer will roll over and settle, but that is not always true, especially if you have rejected a previous offer. Instead, when you take matters to court, the insurer automatically notifies their legal team and their only job is to discredit you and minimize legal exposure. Having an attorney in your corner will help level the playing field when entering into settlement negotiations.


How often do you use legal jargon? Are you familiar with the different terms related to your injuries and claims? A personal injury attorney completely understands the lexicon of the justice system and will be able to decipher anything you do not understand.

Argumentation and Negotiation

How often do you negotiate with combative people? Lawyers are specially trained and educated in the art of argumentation and negotiation. Beyond training, they likely have more experience than you with negotiations because it is a part of their daily lives.


For a novice, trying to navigate the claim process is challenging and often time-consuming. It is essential to know people within the system to help move a case along. If you do not know people, your claim may hang in limbo for years. A personal injury attorney spends their career establishing connections and professional relationships. Also, because they spend time dealing with these claims, most attorneys will know the strategies of the opposing counsel.


Nothing can beat the legal education of an attorney. While you may be familiar with your injuries, that does not make you an expert in personal injury law. If you want your best chance at a successful settlement or claim, you can’t go wrong with hiring an actual attorney.

While saving a dollar is appealing, especially when dealing with the expense of a personal injury case, you will have a higher chance of success with professional counsel. Contact a local lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC, to discuss your situation and to get a feel for your prospects.