3 Safety Tips for Your Motorcycle

motorcycle accident on the city road

Motorcycles can be a fast and efficient way of getting around, but they can also be very dangerous if riders aren’t careful. The percentage of motorcycle crashes in the U.S. is disproportionately high, in any given year, compared to other vehicles. Being aware of the dangers that motorcycles face is imperative for staying safer on the road.

1. Learn how to operate your motorcycle safely.

Some drivers mistakenly believe that they will be able to drive a motorcycle because they know how to operate a car or truck. However, motorcycles present many risks that drivers of other vehicles do not have to worry about.

Lane splitting, for example, is a technique that many motorcyclists use to navigate through heavy traffic on multi-lane roads. It’s also something that can be very risky if you aren’t paying close attention to other drivers around you. Loose gravel, potholes, and puddles on the road can also be especially hazardous for motorcyclists due to the limited traction of two-wheel vehicles. Taking driving lessons could be incredibly valuable, and getting a special motorcyclists’ license is just as important.

2. Always wear a helmet — even if it’s not required.

Most states have some sort of legislation requiring motorcycle operators and/or passengers to wear helmets while the vehicle is in motion. Even if you live in a state where this is not required, it is still one of the most important ways to stay safe on a motorcycle.

Helmets cannot protect riders against all types of injuries during a collision, and there’s no guarantee that a helmet will entirely prevent a head or brain injury. Nevertheless, motorcyclists involved in collisions have a greater chance of surviving the crash if they are wearing helmets. Motorcyclists are more likely than other drivers to be ejected from their vehicle during a crash, leading to an increased risk of sustaining a head, brain, or spinal injury. Although brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are treatable in some cases, they can also cause severe and life-threatening damage.

3. Remember to wear other protective gear.

In addition to wearing a helmet, it’s also a good idea to wear other protective gear or thick clothing that fully covers your skin. This is a smart move that could provide essential protection in the event of a crash.

One common injury that motorcyclists encounter is called “road rash,” which is similar to a brush burn, but often much worse. Road rash occurs when a person slides across pavement at a high speed, which can happen if a motorcyclist is ejected from his or her seat in a collision. The intense friction created with the pavement can cause an enormous amount of damage to the skin, especially if any areas of the skin are not covered. Severe cases of road rash can even leave accident victims with permanent nerve damage.

If You’re Involved in an Accident…

Even the safest motorcyclists can be involved a serious motor vehicle accident. If you’ve been injured in a collision while driving a motorcycle, taking legal action may be an effective way to recover financial losses. For more information about how to protect your financial stability during your recovery period, contact a local personal injury lawyer today.