4 Steps Every Pregnant Woman Should Take After a Car Accident

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Car accidents involving small children can be devastating, but what if your child hasn’t been born yet? Being in an accident while pregnant can range from a mild situation to a severe circumstance, so it’s important you know what to do. The following are four steps every pregnant woman should take after being involved in any type of car accident.

  1. Allow a Paramedic to Evaluate You

More than likely a paramedic was called to the scene of your accident. Don’t shy away from being examined by him or her. If the paramedic feels you have serious enough injuries to warrant a trip to the emergency room, do it. Even when you feel fine at the scene, there could be a lot going on internally that you simply haven’t realized yet.

  1. Contact Your Support Person

Either before you get into the ambulance or after you arrive at the hospital, call someone you can count on for support. This could be a spouse, friend, or family member who can be there to hold your hand through any examinations you have to complete. If there are serious complications with you or the baby, there’s a slight possibility you’ll have to deliver early. You’ll want a support person there for the delivery.

  1. Stay in Touch with Your Obstetrician

After being evaluated by a paramedic, and even if you’ve been seen by the on-call doctor in the emergency room, you should stay in touch with your obstetrician. Chances are he or she has already been called in to evaluate your situation, but if not, make that call yourself. The obstetrician may want to conduct a series of additional tests, and could also have some recommendations for what you can do to keep yourself and your baby healthy after your accident.

  1. Call Your Lawyer

If you were in a car accident while pregnant, there’s a chance your medical bills are going to start increasing, and you’ll need a way to pay for them. You may also be dealing with increased emotional issues, loss of wages, and a variety of other problems. Contacting a lawyer can help you secure compensation from the at-fault party for all of these damages.

Car accidents cause many problems that you shouldn’t have to handle without support. To learn more about what you can expect after a car accident while you’re pregnant, or to get started with a lawsuit, contact a car accident lawyer.