4 Things That Could Happen After You Get a Traffic Ticket

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Getting a traffic ticket could mean you have some consequences to face, but in many instances it doesn’t have to be the end of your driving privileges. If you’re wondering what happens after you receive a ticket, the following are four things that you will or could possibly face.

  1. Paying the Ticket

After the ticket is made out, the officer will have you sign it. Your signature is an agreement that you will pay the citation or fight the ticket in court. If you fail to pay or appear in court, it’s possible you could have a warrant placed for your arrest, among other consequences. If you are having trouble coming up with the funds to pay for your ticket, you can speak with the court about your situation. You may be able to secure a payment plan so you can make monthly payments instead of one lump sum.

  1. Appearing in Court

Many traffic tickets do not require a court appearance, but you can choose to fight the ticket. If that’s your plan, you will have to appear in court. In some states, when you go a certain speed over the speed limit, or if you are also cited with reckless driving, you will have to make a court appearance.

  1. Going to Traffic School

If this is the first time you’ve received a traffic ticket, you may be eligible to attend traffic school. Completing this class will reduce the points your driver’s record has, which will hopefully reduce your auto insurance costs. Certain states will allow you to attend traffic school more than just your first time, but in many cases, you have to wait a certain amount of time before attending twice or three times. For example, you may be able to attend after 18 months of your first class. Your local motor vehicle department can help you understand how often you can attend.

  1. Contacting a Lawyer

If you are going to fight your ticket in court, or if you need help working out a payment plan with the court, you may need the help of a traffic ticket lawyer. It’s possible your traffic ticket was the result of a criminal offense, and in that case, you’d probably want the assistance of an attorney to help you through the case as well.

Learning More and Getting Started

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