6 Reasons You Should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Whenever children are involved in a divorce, the objective of every party should be for the well-being of the children. Unfortunately, every person involved does not always share the same vision of what a positive and safe environment is for their children. Therefore, many people wonder whether they should hire an attorney to help them through the custody process. There are at least six reasons you should.

  1. Fair Representation

You first have to consider the circumstances. Does your ex have a lawyer? If so, then hiring an attorney only ensures fair representation during the proceedings. However, if your ex does not have an attorney, you may feel like hiring a lawyer appears combative. Keep in mind that you want the best outcome for your children and your relationship with them; an attorney helps you achieve your goals.

  1. Jurisdictional Issues

Sometimes divorce proceedings are complicated when a couple lives in separate cities or states. It is always advised to have an attorney for custody proceedings when multiple jurisdictions are involved. You cannot be expected to know and operate within the varying regulations of the different areas.

  1. Stalled Negotiations

Attorneys are great at negotiating. Much of a lawyer’s training and education involves the study of argumentation and compromise. Therefore, if you choose to start custody negotiations without an attorney, do not be afraid to hire one if things stall or if you feel like you are not being represented fairly.

  1. Child Safety

Any time you fear for the safety of your children, you should work with a legal professional. An attorney can walk you through the process of restraining orders and custody agreements to help ensure the protection of your children. The courts often work quickly when they feel there is a legitimate threat to the safety of a child.

  1. Violation of Your Rights

You should also hire an attorney if you feel your rights are being violated. For example, if you and your ex have an existing custody schedule, but you are being denied visitation, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer and file suit.

  1. Changed Circumstances

Even after a child custody arrangement is made, changes in circumstances can speak to the need for changes in the agreement. Contact a lawyer to help you make further arrangements and adjustments.

Child custody and support are some of the most delicate agreements to come out of a divorce. If you wish to have help arguing your claim to your children, support and visitation, then contact a lawyer, like a family law lawyer from May Law, LLP, today.