Can sports rental equipment companies be held liable when accidents occur?

Personal  Injury Lawyer

Summer is the time for many weekend warriors to enjoy their outdoor sports passions, but as your personal injury lawyer may tell you, it’s also the season for accidents. This is particularly true when an equipment failure occurs that results in an injury to the user. It’s a common scenario across America—hard working individuals rent sports equipment with the reasonable belief that they will be safe using said equipment. Though they may use that equipment in the way that the manufacturer intends, it may still fail them, resulting in serious or fatal injuries. Personal injury lawyers represent those who have suffered serious injuries as a result of failed equipment or guidelines on the part of equipment rental companies. If you or your family member were hurt in this way, contact a lawyer to schedule a consultation.

What is a sports rental company’s responsibility to their customers?

When an individual rents sports equipment, they are paying that company for the convenience and access to equipment that they choose to borrow rather than purchase. There are many advantages to renting equipment, and cost savings is but one. Though the rented equipment is usually used rather than brand new, it is reasonable for the renter to expect that it is in good, working condition. Moreover, it should be safe to use.

When the rental company fails in their duty to provide a safe experience for the renter, they might be liable for the renter’s injury. This does not include behavior on the part of the renter who uses the equipment in a reckless way or else does not use the equipment in the way that the manufacturer intends. Ultimately, it is best to consult a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC, who can review the circumstances to determine who is liable for your damages. Here are two examples in which a rental company might be considered liable for the renter’s injury:

  • The equipment was defective or broken in such a way that the rental company staff person should have recognized it, but either did not detect or ignored it when providing it to the customer.
  • The equipment requires instruction or guidelines for use in order to provide a safe experience, but the rental equipment staff person did not give the customer that information.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

There are many sports and related activities that people enjoy in the United States. A majority of the time any injuries that occur are limited to minor scrapes and bruises. However, some people are not as lucky, and through no fault of their own, they sustain serious or fatal injuries as a direct result of the rental company’s negligence. It’s not uncommon for the rental company to deny responsibility in an effort to avoid paying out a substantial amount of compensation. Attorneys protect the rights of victims to receive settlements in response to their damages. Contact a lawyer today to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer to learn how he or she can protect your right to fair compensation.