Can You Get a Job With a Criminal Record?


Even after you have served your sentence and paid your fines, you may still be dealing with consequences of a criminal conviction. A conviction stays on your record and others can see it when they conduct a background check. This can be particularly troubling when you are applying for jobs. Many employers conduct background checks these days and may immediately disqualify those with criminal records. While it is more difficult to get a job with a criminal conviction, it isn’t impossible. You may have to jump through more hoops, but you can eventually find a job that you like.


Here is some advice on obtaining a job with a criminal record:


Apply for Jobs That Are Unrelated to Your Criminal Offense


The type of conviction you have matters greatly when you are applying for jobs. It’s recommended to only apply to jobs that are unrelated to your conviction. For example, if you were convicted of theft, it’s unlikely that you will get hired at a bank. Look for positions that don’t require you to handle money.


Be Honest


If an employer asks you if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, it’s always best to be honest. Although it may be difficult to disclose this information at first, being honest will get you a lot farther than lying. If you lie about your background and the employer finds out, he or she definitely won’t hire you.


Don’t Volunteer Information


While it is important to be honest, there is no need to volunteer information that you aren’t asked about. For instance, if an employer never asks you about your criminal history during an interview, you do not have to say anything about it. If an employer does want to know about your background, you should keep your answers short and sweet. Providing more information than what you are asked for may backfire.


Explain How You’ve Changed Since Your Conviction


If you are asked about your criminal history during a job interview, do not hesitate how you have changed as a person since then. For example, you could tell the employer that you successfully completed your probation and have not been in trouble since then. Let the employer know that you understand you made a bad choice back then and have worked hard to become a better citizen.


Use Your Connections


If your friends or family members know anyone who is hiring, ask them to put in a good word for you. They could tell the employer what type of person you are and how you’ve changed since your conviction. An employer may be more likely to give you a chance if someone they know said good things about you.


If you are still having trouble obtaining employment, you may want to consider getting your record expunged or sealed. That way, employers won’t be able to see any convictions during background checks. Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA relies on to help you through the process.


Thanks to our friends and contributors from Dave Albo Attorney for their insights into getting a job with a criminal record.