Celebrity Divorces

5 Public Celebrity Divorces

Divorces are difficult to go through for anyone, even if they have expert legal assistance. If the couple has celebrity status, they have the added pressure of a very public and emotionally tolling divorce. The public is absolutely enraptured by these tabloid headlines involving celebrity relationships. There have been many famous celebrity divorces, and here are 5 recent significant examples of public breakups.

1. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez, an entertainer and entrepreneur, met singer Marc Anthony while they were each married to different people. After dissolving the other relationships, they had a marriage lasting about ten years ending in 2014. Although they divorced, they remain friends and speak highly of each other, seemingly affected very little by such a high profile split.  

2. Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver, a descendant of the famous Kennedy family, was married to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger for twenty-five years. Striver became an accomplished journalist as Schwarzenegger rose to fame as a movie star and later the couple became Governor and First Lady of California in 2003. In 2011, the couple separated after news broke that Schwarzenegger had an extramarital child.

3. Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Diana Spencer became world-beloved Princess Diana after marrying heir apparent Prince Charles in 1981. She became the world’s princess and was famous for her kind heart and altruistic nature. Unfortunately her marriage to Charles was scandalized and a public topic of controversy. They separated in 1992 and their divorce was finalized in 1996.

4. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock and bad boy husband Jesse James had what seemed to be an idyllic marriage after the union in 2005. In 2010, repeated claims of infidelity lead to a divorce driven by Bullock. They have since lead separate lives from each other and have moved on.

5.Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s marriage in 2000 was ridiculously famous. Both were Hollywood favorites and their marriage only skyrocketed their fame. In 2005, they split then divorced; it was rumored that Brad had an affair with Angelina Jolie and that was the cause of the divorce. Brad Pitt later married Angelina Jolie.

While it can be entertaining to read of such public affairs, it is a reminder that celebrities are humans that can also go through extreme loss and sadness.