Damages to Recover in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Having someone you love pass away creates devastating effects. Not only do you lose that person, you sometimes have to face the financial burdens that come with the loss. The good news is you could have a way to recover some of those expenses. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, you could seek to recover the following damages.

Medical Expenses

Your loved one may have been under medical care when he or she died. If someone’s negligent actions caused your loved one to require medical care, but that care wasn’t enough to save him or her, you could possibly sue the responsible party for medical expenses. This could help you recover from the bills that resulted from the negligence.

Funeral and Burial Expenses

If you weren’t expecting a funeral any time soon, you probably hadn’t thought through any funeral and burial expenses. Unfortunately, those costs can get fairly high depending on the type of service you have and what accommodations you choose. A wrongful death lawsuit could include seeking damages for funeral and burial expenses.

Lost Wages

If you or your family members depended on the deceased’s income, you could sue for lost wages. This could help to ensure you are able to take care of regular living expenses that would have otherwise come out of the deceased’s paycheck. In most cases, the surviving dependants recover just a portion of what the deceased’s typical income would have been.

Pain and Suffering

You can’t put a price on the pain you suffer after the death of a loved one, but a court can figure out how much you deserve for it. Sometimes you end up in therapy after the loss of a loved one, and these damages could cover such costs. They could also cover time you missed at work due to feeling immense anguish and other similar situations.

Loss of Care

If the deceased individual provided a certain amount of care to an individual in his or her family, the family member could recover damages for loss of care. For example, someone in the family may have to go to a special needs school or could require an expensive diet due to allergies. Loss of care could help the individual cover those costs of care.

Contact A Lawyer for More Information

There are other damages you could be able to recover during a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact an experienced wrongful death attorney, for more information and to learn what those damages might be.