Truck Accident Liability

Truck Accident Liability

If you are in a truck accident, whether you are another driver or the truck driver, you might begin to wonder who is responsible. You’ll obviously want compensation from the insurance company to pay for your injuries and lost wages, but how will you know where to turn? A truck accident lawyer can help you determine who the responsible party is, with the following being some options.

The Truck Driver

A truck driver could be held liable for the accident for one or more of the following reasons:

  • He or she broke the law, resulting in the accident.
  • The driver was distracted by a phone, food, radio, or anything else that distracts drivers.
  • He or she consumed drugs or alcohol before or during the trip.
  • The driver didn’t take the necessary stops required to sleep.
  • The driver failed to take care of a health condition that impacted his or her driving.
  • He or she ignored safety rules put out by the trucking company.

The Truck Owner

Some truck owners lease their trucks to either a single driver or a trucking company. If that is the case, the owner might be under obligation to inspect and repair the machine, keeping up on maintenance at all times. If the owner ignored an inspection, failed to rotate the tires when needed, or decided to wait a little longer before performing a repair, and any of those issues led to the accident, the owner would probably be liable. There are federal regulations that the owners must follow, and if they are not followed, the owners are responsible.

The Trucking Company

If the company the trucker drives for actually owns the trucks, that company is often responsible for accidents. There are multiple issues that could occur due to incomplete inspections or the company cutting corners, which puts the driver in a dangerous situation. If the driver is forced to drive in unsafe conditions, is pushed to make a delivery in an unreasonable amount of time, or is told to skip breaks, the trucking company could also be found responsible.

The Truck Loaders

Improperly balanced and secured loads pose a risk to truck drivers and others on the road. Shifting loads can cause a big rig to jackknife, fishtail, or become otherwise dangerous. If someone is hired to load the truck between stops, those loaders could be responsible for an accident.

Contacting a Truck Accident Lawyer

Whether you are the driver of an 18-wheeler or were in an accident with a big truck, there are multiple parties that may be at fault for the accident. Contact a truck accident lawyer today for help in figuring out where to turn for compensation.