Debunking Divorce Myths

Divorce Lawyer

If you’ve never been divorced before, you may have a lot of questions about the process. Do you have to go to court? Do you have to live separately before the divorce? Here are three of the most common myths debunked, when it comes to divorce

You Have to Go to Court

Not all divorces go to court. Whether you are worried about the cost or the time that divorce court takes, you may not have to go to court with your divorce. Many couples use a mediator to solve all of the different issues that spring up when you are separating from your spouse. In order to avoid court, both parties have to be amicable and willing to come to agreements.

You Can Hide Property

You know that you will have to split your assets. Some partners may decide to hide assets because they would rather not part with those assets. You never want to hide your assets. If you have specific property that you want to keep, then you can state your case for those assets. In some cases, all it takes is to be willing to give up something that your spouse wants so that you can keep the assets that matter to you. If you lie about assets, then you could end up in trouble with the court. You could be guilty of perjury for lying about your property. It is better to be honest and upfront.

You Have to Separate

A lot of people believe that they must separate before they can get a divorce. Some couples decide to go through a trial separation before they permanently separate. This simply means that the couple chooses to live apart from one another until they decide whether they want to follow through with the divorce. In some instances, trial separation might end in reconciliation.

In some states, you may not have to separate. Some states do require you to live separately for a short time before a divorce. This does not necessarily mean that you need a legal separation or a separation order. In some states, simply living apart is enough of a separation.

Every divorce is different. Your divorce is going to depend on your circumstances. If you’re worried about going to court, there are ways that you can avoid it. A family law attorney can help you better get a handle on how to proceed with a divorce.