Different Types of Cases

Criminal Lawyer

The majority of the time, typical criminal defense cases are drug cases, domestic violence cases, DUI cases, public intoxication and disorderly conduct cases, and assault and battery cases. Shoplifting, theft, grand larceny, and damage to property are also cases that attorneys can help take care of. 

When Do Miranda Rights Get Involved During A Criminal Case?

Miranda rights are given to criminal defendants from law enforcement during their arrest or immediately after the defendant has an interview or writes a statement. A person can say anything they want in court and not have any of it used against them, even if they didn’t have their Miranda rights read to them. Even if a person didn’t have their Miranda rights read to them, it unfortunately doesn’t mean that their case is cleared. Many times, defendants are under the assumption that if an officer does not “read them their rights,” their rights have been violated and they are likely free of the charges, but this is not the case.

How Do Misdemeanors and Felony Charges Differ?

The big difference between misdemeanors and felony charges is the amount of jail time that the charge carries, or simply the punishment for the crime. Normally felony charges happen to be harsher than a misdemeanor as well, and therefore has more harsh consequences. An example is that a misdemeanor DUI can give you jail time for up to ninety days. On the other hand, if you’re convicted of a felony DUI, then you can receive prison time for up to twenty-five years. If a person ends up dying or receives severe bodily injury, then the person responsible will be charged with a felony DUI. There are specific stipulations that will determine a misdemeanor charge and felony charge.

How Can I Get Out of Jail After Being Arrested?

In most states, it is required that within 24 hours of being arrested, the person that is being tried must receive a bond hearing. The judge (at their own discretion) must then give a bond at that hearing, but it ultimately depends on two major factors — if a person is a risk to fly out of the country or if they are a danger to the community. A judge can also deny bond entirely and keep the defendant in police custody.

There are also small details that require more research. Criminal defense attorneys usually offer free consultations. Speak with an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney in Decatur, GA from The Lynch Law Group, to ask your specific questions and potentially hire them for you or your loved one’s criminal defense.