How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Charge?

If you have been injured as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you may have arrived at this page feeling overwhelmed and looking for answers. You may be unable to work, unsure how long it will take you to recover, and worried about how you will provide for yourself and your family while you figure out how to move forward. 

You may also be wondering whether you might be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation as a result of your accident – and if so, how much would a personal injury lawyer charge to pursue your case. After all, after an accident, you may have mounting medical bills and be unable to work – the last thing you want is to face an expensive stack of legal bills too. Is a personal injury lawyer worth it? What can you expect? These are all understandable and important questions to ask.

A Closer Look at Contingency Fees 

Understandably, many accident victims worry that hiring a personal injury lawyer will cost money that they simply can’t afford to pay. Fortunately, in most situations, this is why personal injury attorneys take what is known as a “contingency fee,” instead of charging by the hour or billing the client at the beginning of the case. 

Essentially, a contingency fee is a fee taken almost entirely from the final award or settlement in a personal injury claim. It will usually include a percentage of the final award, agreed upon in advance by the attorney and the client, and which is typically based upon the complexity of the case. In cases that are more complex and require extensive planning and preparation, the percentage may be higher than a case that is fairly straightforward and less time-consuming. It may also include other expenses that the lawyer pays or covers during the case, including expenses like: 

  • Copying and filing fees; 
  • Deposition costs;
  • Payment for expert witnesses;
  • Fees incurred in the process of obtaining and authenticating evidence; 
  • Various court-related fees;
  • And more. 

As you consider hiring an attorney who charges a contingency fee, it is important to remember that the specifics of any contingency fee arrangement can differ not only from state to state but also between different attorneys. While it is fairly typical for attorneys to charge anywhere from 30 to 40% of the settlement or award after costs, it is always important to speak to an attorney you are considering and to be clear about potential fees and billing practices before you move forward. Doing so will ensure that everyone is clear about the potential fees and costs of the case, and will help avoid any confusion later on.

Other Billing Options

While the majority of personal injury attorneys bill on a contingency fee basis, this is not true of all personal injury attorneys. Some may require a deposit or other fees upfront, and others may bill by the hour. If this is the case, that attorney should sit down with you before agreeing to take your case, and discuss his or her hourly rate and other fees with you, so that everyone is on the same page regarding the billing policies which are in place. It is always wise to ensure that you have billing practices in writing and that everyone is clear about potential charges before moving forward.

In the end, choosing to hire a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney is an investment that most clients find to be well worth it. Having an attorney on your side who knows and understands the law and who can pursue the best legal strategies on your behalf can make the difference between a case where you recover maximum compensation and one where you recover far less than you deserve. You deserve the best. You deserve to recover. You deserve to heal and move forward. You deserve The Clauson Law Firm. 

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