How to Handle an Injury at the Gym

Getting in shape is the goal of many people as the new year gets into full swing. That gym membership you have had since last year may now come in handy as you try to push, pull and pump your way into better health and physical shape. The last thing you need is to get sidelined by an injury, and yet, there is a chance that will happen. As gyms get more use, equipment and staff may be pushed to the max. After you get hurt while working out, there are a few steps that may leave you in good shape for getting financial help.

Report the Injury to the Gym

Right after you get hurt, you should report the injury to someone in charge at the gym. If the incident is serious enough to warrant emergency personnel, you should still circle back and inform the gym. When you inform them, you should give an exact account of what happened, including the time of day, the location, and the events leading to the injury. You should list any known witnesses.

Go to a Doctor or Medical Facility

Even if you think your injury will heal on its own, you should get it checked out. Go to your doctor, a walk-in clinic, urgent care or emergency room. Tell the doctors about the circumstances leading to your injury to diagnose the damage appropriately, and write a formal report with treatment and prognosis information.

Check Your Contract

When you signed up, the gym likely made you sign a waiver. This document was intended to keep you from suing the gym. However, depending on the waiver and the type of injury, you may still be able to take action. A total liability waiver means you give up the right to blame the facility for any and every injury, regardless of cause. While you may feel like you have no chance against this, courts often invalidate these for being too broad. A negligence waiver aims to protect the employees and owner from being held responsible. If a person at the gym is intentionally negligent, this type of waiver does nothing to protect them. Intentional waivers are meant to hold the facility owners harmless from deliberate acts that lead to injury, such as failing to maintain fitness equipment properly. These waivers are often an ineffective defense in court.

Belonging to a gym should not lead to an incident that causes an injury. If the gym is not properly maintained or there are other instances of negligence present, then a personal injury lawyer, such as from Johnston Martineau, LLP, may assist in getting you financial help. Contact a law office today.