Requesting Alimony During Divorce

Requesting Alimony During Divorce

Reaching the decision to end a marriage is not one to be taken lightly. If you are financially reliant upon the income of your spouse, it can be especially challenging to choose divorce. This is because you may be completely unsure of how you will support yourself. This is where alimony, also known as spousal support comes into play. Alimony can help to provide the person in the relationship who earns less with a more level playing field. When preparing to file for divorce with a lawyer, you may want to speak with them about your ability to obtain alimony, especially if your partner is the breadwinner of the family. A lawyer can help provide you with a legal strategy and can help you to understand how alimony payments are determined. For help initiating the process contact a lawyer for alimony and divorce as soon as possible. 

Preparing to File for Divorce

There are many ways that couples may reach the decision to end their relationship. In some cases, one party may wish to divorce, while the other wants to make attempts to work things out. This can be difficult, especially when one party has made up their mind. No matter the reasons that have led you to reach this decision, it’s crucial to initiate the process by speaking with a lawyer. They can help by learning about your specific situation and guiding you in the best way to move forward. The process begins by meeting with an attorney to draft a petition for the divorce. Following this, the petition will be served to your partner, and filed with the courts. 

When You Are Financially Dependant Upon Your Partner

If you are financially dependent upon your partner, you may be worried over how you will support yourself without your partner’s income. Chances are you will need support soon. There are two forms of support that you may access. Temporary spousal support or alimony can be paid to one party when a separation occurs, prior to the divorce being finalized. Your divorce lawyer will file an order with the court in order to obtain temporary support. Permanent support, if granted, may be available to the partner who has lower earnings after the divorce is finalized. This can assist them in maintaining the standard of living they are accustomed to. When a judge awards support, they will review a number of factors, including:

  • The length of time you have been married
  • The standard of living during the marriage
  • Whether you would both be able to continue your standard of living during the marriage post divorce
  • Your age
  • The length of time alimony may be needed
  • How employable the person seeking support is


For more information about alimony, and how payments are determined by the court, it’s best to consult with a divorce lawyer as soon as possible. 

The idea of divorce can be incredibly overwhelming. There will be much to sort through, especially if you have children and are financially dependent upon your spouse. The idea of the financial changes and even hardship that may occur can cause many to put off the prospect of divorce. It’s important to be aware that alimony may be a way of providing you with financial support while you get back on your feet again. For more information about how to move forward with the divorce process and requesting alimony, contact a lawyer, like a divorce lawyer from Pioletti, Pioletti, & Nichols Attorneys at Law, as soon as possible.