The Best Way for Lawyers to get a Favorable Review is to Ask for One!


Woodland Hills personal injury attorney has studied consumer behavior in the legal field and has steadily increased the number of favorable reviews online by asking his clients for reviews.  Of course, it is not that simple.  In fact, the key to obtaining great online reviews is earning a great review.  Part of every client intake session should include a “prelude” to obtaining an online review.  The client should be told that survival in today’s legal market requires good lawyers to obtain good reviews.  Otherwise, consumers will be stuck with poor lawyers that obtained some favorable reviews.

Start Earning the Lawyer Review Right Away

Along with answering the initial phone call right away and efficiently setting up the first meeting, the next most important task is to truthfully tell your new client that you are going to start earning your favorable review right from the start.  If possible the lawyer should meet the client personally. The lawyer is going to answer all questions and make him or herself available to handle the case in a professional and competent manner.  The client is going to leave the law office with a clear understanding of what the lawyer is going to do, what the client is going to do, and how much this engagement is expected to cost.

The client will also leave the first meeting feeling secure and knowing how to get ahold of the lawyer and staff. The lawyer should promise to keep the client aware of significant developments and provide significant documents or pleadings.  Then, the lawyer and the staff should keep the client aware by providing significant documents or pleadings!

The Importance of the Client Exit Interview

After the successful conclusion of the engagement, the lawyer should not simply mail the closing documents to the client with a “thank you” letter.  If possible, the lawyer should meet with the client personally.  This solidifies the relationship and makes the client feel that his or her case was important and that the lawyer cares about the relationship.  If the occasion should arise for another case, the client is likely to return to the lawyer with whom a relationship has been established.

In today’s market, however, the exit interview is essential in obtaining a favorable review.  In a personal injury matter, handing a client a nice check is really the perfect time to ask for a review!  But, in other practices as well, the exit interview is “that moment” when asking for a review is critical.

Don’t be Afraid—-Ask for a Review!

The lawyer should solicit criticism and own up to any minor failures.  The lawyer should then follow the “ask” protocol:

  1. You remember at our initial meeting that I told you that lawyer reviews are critical;
  2. If good lawyers do not get good reviews, then poor lawyers with some good reviews will be the one’s attracting new clients;
  3. Our law firm tried to provide excellent service and earn your review;
  4. The best way to compliment us for keeping our side of the bargain and going “the extra mile” to provide excellent service, is to give us a favorable review;
  5. Suggest a few places that the client can leave an online review; e.g., Google Business Reviews, Yelp, AVVO;
  6. Give the same review sites to the client in the closing letter;
  7. In addition, send an email with links to the review sites; and
  8. Finally, thank the client for the review either personally or online, or both!


The best way for a lawyer to obtain great reviews is to not only earn the review, but to set up the review in the first place. Then it is critical to actually ask for the review!


Barry P Goldberg Professional Law Corporation Southern California Attorney Thanks to Authors at Barry P Goldberg for their insight into Legal Business.