The Scope of Motorcycle Wreck Injuries

Motorcycle Lawyer

Motorcyclists who get hit by careless drivers may endure painful physical wounds, mental trauma, and newly acquired debt due to the accident. A motorcyclist does not have an exterior shield made of strong metals like the car driver does, to help lessen the impact from a sudden and unexpected collision. Post motorcycle wreck, the rider may find themselves faced with a pile of very expensive medical bills and costs to repair motorcycle damage. Motorcyclists may not realize they can take action against the driver who hit them through filing a civil lawsuit.

An attorney has likely represented many riders just like you, who suffered because a car driver was negligent. They understand you may be feeling overwhelmed with financial loss, all the while trying to heal from your injuries.

In the article here, we have gone into further detail about injuries a motorcyclist may endure after being struck by a car driver, in addition to how an attorney can be of support during this time.

Road Rash

Depending on how the accident unfolded, the rider may have been flown from the bike and landed onto the ground. After hitting the pavement, the rider may slide across gravel until finally coming to a halt. From this tumble, the rider can suffer from agonizing road rash of the legs, hands, feet, arms and any other place where an area of skin was exposed. While road rash may not need emergency medical attention, a rider may want to see a doctor anyway. Prompt treatment of road rash can help minimize the chances of the rider’s wounds becoming infected.

Mental Trauma

Mental trauma can happen to a rider who was involved in a particularly tragic motorcycle accident. Every person responds differently to traumatizing events. However, it is not uncommon for a motorcyclist to develop fears about getting back onto their bike, in addition to symptoms of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. While wounds of the mind are not outwardly observable, it should be talked about openly with your doctor so you can receive a thorough treatment plan.

Broken Bones

Perhaps one of the more common injuries in a motorcycle wreck, are broken bones. Specifically, a rider’s extremities can be the most at-risk for breakage, such as the hands, wrist, fingers, ankles, and toes. Here are signs to watch out for, that may mean you have suffered from a broken bone due to the accident:

  • Swelling around the injured body part
  • Loss of functioning of the injured area
  • Heavy bruising
  • Odd appearance or deformity to area

Legal Assistance

When meeting with an Woodland Hills motorcycle accident lawyer, take with you documents that are related to the motorcycle wreck. For example, you may want to obtain copies of the police report, doctor examinations, diagnostics, treatment plan, motorcycle repair estimates and statements regarding loss of work if you needed to be off in order to recover.




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